Analysis. Negotiation. Support.

We provide complete energy solutions tailored to fit your Commercial Energy needs.

PowerMaintenance energy brokers and consultants deliver unsurpassed service to our wide range of clients by:

  • Working with Australia’s leading energy companies
  • Working with a select team of energy efficiency specialists
  • Tracking energy futures markets
  • Monitoring electricity and gas markets
  • Simplifying lengthy and complicated contract clauses and rate parameters
  • Revealing hidden contract terms that impact pricing and tenure
  • Preparing and Submitting contracts and the best time for maximum saving

Energy Procurement is not just about negotiating energy contracts and rates. PowerMaintenance utilise sophisticated and secure inhouse systems to compare, evaluate and provide a range of cost cutting options including:

  • Bill validation
  • Network tariff optimization
  • Load Profile and Usage Control recommendations
  • Planning for cost saving options
  • Other energy solutions

When dealing with large electricity contracts and large gas contracts, you require a specialist’s proficiency and knowledge for energy procurement. PowerMaintenance expert energy consultants bring responsive, strategic and tactical energy support to you.


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