The right smart meter can determine your energy load profile and inform decisions about future energy efficiency strategies. The information from a smart meter can highlight to your account manager whether your site is energy efficient or not. Your account manager will regularly monitor your electricity usage in order to identify if there are demand spikes, or low Power Factor or high kVA readings. We will immediately alert you to the possibility that a piece of your machinery may be faulty and dragging more electricity from the grid. Which show up as excess charges on your electricity bill.

Smart meters are an important component of the electricity contract. We don’t just choose the default meter provider in your area. PowerMaintenance have partnered with Plus Es (WebGraph), Yurika (InfoDynamics), and Mondo (UtiliView) metering who are endorsed by the National Electricity Market and recognised by industry retailers as capable of providing accurate data for billing.

  • Highlight wasteful or abnormal electricity usage.
  • Identify faulty machinery.
  • Record peak, shoulder and off-peak usage times.
  • 24/7 access to usage data via online portal.


The data from a smart meter can confirm wasteful usage of electricity that was previously identified as part of an energy audit. Or you may choose to complete an energy audit to improve the energy efficiency of your machinery. By proactively monitoring your site’s energy usage, we will help your business reduce its energy demand. This translates to significant cost savings beginning from the current bill cycle.

Most premises are unaware of the volume of energy lost to varying methods of waste. Whether from unnecessary appliances left on, excessive lighting, or a fault on the grid, wasted energy leads to increased electricity ills, something to be avoided at all costs in today’s climate. There are varying reasons why gas metering may be the best option for you and your household to track energy usage. 

Our metering platforms enable you to retain control of when and where you use electricity. Our customers can simply log in to their smart meter online portal and access current usage in kilowatt hours (kWh), peak demand consumption, statistics and historical energy usage and trends. If you are off-site, but business demands mean you need to know if you can turn on your machinery or ramp up production, you can use the wireless capabilities of your smart meter to access your data remotely.