Commercial Energy Audits

commercial energy auditors

Certified Energy Auditors

The team of qualified energy auditors at ECO2 decisions conduct commercial energy audits or sustainability and waste audits that comply with AS/NZ 3598:2000 Australian standard. The comprehensive energy audits include the building envelope, Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC), pumping systems, and thermal imaging analysis, especially on pumps, motors and electrical switchboards. According to the AS/NZ 3598:2000 standard, an audit will account for at least 80% of your energy use and any recommendations will be costed at +/- 20%.

commercial energy auditors

Energy Efficiency Consulting Engineers

Green Wire Consulting is a consulting engineering practice established in 2008, to provide specialist technical advice in the growing field of energy efficiency. Green Wire Consulting is located in Melbourne Victoria and provides independent and unbiased advice in all aspects of energy efficiency, namely business energy audits, smart meter physical testing, building services energy efficiency assessments & energy efficient lighting designs.

Greenwire consultants are experienced, motivated and highly qualified engineers that deal with a wide range of organisations, both large and small. The team at Greenw Wire Consulting understand the importance of keeping up-to-date with the changes in energy efficiency technologies available in the market place.

Green Wire Consulting & ECO2 Decisions

Help you reduce your environmental footprint and become an energy efficient business.